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John & Ethel Keller Local History Library Center

February 14, 2019


President Glenn Winkler called the WAHS Board Meeting to order on

February 14, 2019, at the John & Ethel Keller Local History Center at 6:00 p.m.


PRESENT: Glenn Winkler, Ben Joas, Robert Herrmann, Lola Schroeder, Gerald Marks, Clint Eckstein, Gary Anderson, and Lori Peterson.  Absent: Geneva Laabs and Jackie Parish.


MINUTES:  The written minutes of January 10, 2019, were presented.  Motion by Gerald Marks/second Bob Herrmann to approve the minutes. Motion carried.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The February 2019 Treasurer’s Report was distributed. Motion by Lola Schroeder/second Gary Anderson to approve the report. Motion carried.


RECOGONIZE GUESTS:  Bette Lee, Pete Christianson, and LeRoy Schroeder


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The Town of Winchester is currently working on a resolution to proclaim Hjartdahl, Norway, a sister city to Winchester. Ben will keep us updated on this matter. Gerry has been doing research on the cost of new garage that would be attached to the existing library. This will be placed on an agenda at a later date.


CORRESPONDENCE:  Lori received an email from Jon Olson stating that he is building a new computer tower for the library office (this will be a substantial savings for WAHS). Ben received communication from WAHS’ insurance agent stating that the premium, due March 1, 2019, has increased minimally at $31.


LIBRARY REPORT:  Bette reported that February 14, 2019, was the first day that the library was open. Inclement weather prevented the library from opening any sooner. Pete and Bette will be working at the library on both Tuesdays and Thursdays as Sally Gilson will be unavailable indefinitely. The library received a visitor, Sandy Dixon. Sandy graciously displayed her Ukrainian Egg collection in the display case. Al Ihrig is currently storing a threshing machine that belongs to WAHS. Arrangements will be made in the future to move this equipment to the WAHS barn.



a. The board reviewed the by-law change(s). Motion by Lola Schroeder/second Ben Joas to approve the by-law change(s) that will be presented to the membership for them to vote on. Motion carried. The by-law change(s) will be placed in the March edition of Around the Hill.

b. Log barn update – Gary has an estimated cost for steel roofing from $2500 to $3000. He has not had the chance to price out cedar shingles yet. He will continue to look for estimates on both cedar and steel roofing options. Clint mentioned that the I-beams need to come out of the barn. Clint will also look at material for rafters.

c. It was the consensus of the board to approve the 2019 WAHS calendar as presented.

d. The board needs to create a vision of what needs to repaired or replaced (structural wise) for the WAHS library and garage. The board needs to prioritize the issues and then present them to the membership.


New Business:

a.     Website content: Lori spoke with Mary Alice Eisch; she is willing to put whatever we request (photos, list of resources available at the library, projects, agenda and board notes, and calendar events). Ben Joas is going to investigate more where websites are concerned.

b.    ATH advertising: More discussion was held concerning advertising in Around the Hill. A “mock-up” of what the ad space would look like will be placed in Around the Hill for potential businesses to view. Another line might be included on the membership form to obtain more businesses.


c.     Winter maintenance:  Clint has been placed in charge of plowing after snowstorms; the board acknowledged their appreciation for the job that he has been doing. The library committee asked if some type of material could be placed on the service road behind the barn (sand or ashes) to aid people when they park and drive out to the road. Also, a reminder was given to the board to be aware of the red light that would be visible from the road if the library’s furnace shut off.



ADJOURNMENT:  Glenn Winkler called for a motion to adjourn. Motion by Clint Eckstein/ second Bob Herrmann carried to adjourn. 


Respectfully submitted,



Lori Peterson